Stop, Look and Listen

Shared by Thomas DiVita

Stop and listen for those that fear and love the Lord. They despise the wicked. Stop allowing the devil to run your life; you have control over him; cast him aside. Stop the fear, the pain. The devil will torment, don’t accept defeat, turn to God. He is your Protector and Shield. Stop worrying about tomorrow, God will take care of you today, tomorrow, and forever. God knows what we need. Trust and depend on Him because when you are hurting – He is too.

Look toward the heavens, take up God’s ways. Follow His advice. Look at yourself, you are worthy of the Lord’s grace and blessing. Praise Him to the highest! Shout with joy! Look at what He’s done for us. He gave His life for us by dying in pain and agony. What have we given Him? A few minutes? An hour? A day? Or nothing at all? Not even a hello. Look at what we are missing. Love Him, He loves you. Put God first. Depend on Him. Stay close to God. Put away your own desires.

Listen to God’s Word. Listen to Him. He will guide you and speak to you. Listen, open your ears. Open your eyes. Feel Him in your heart. Let the Spirit of the Lord come to you, exalt His Name! Exalt His Name!