Who Am I?

Who Am I? I Am Nothing Without Jesus.

When I let go and don’t include Jesus, sorrow grows. In the wilderness, in the desert, the road narrows. Satan is on the move.

I take control of my problems, going to fix it; going to make it happen, look how great I am. I am nothing without Jesus.

Why won’t it work? I can’t fix it. Oh Jesus, I include you when I pray. I leave you at the church, put you away after my prayers.

O Jesus, do I include you when I go to work? Go out for a social? Or are you included when I talk to a friend or neighbor? They can tell there’s no love. I am nothing without Jesus.

Think about it. What is life without Jesus? Stop! Really think about it, life without Jesus. So empty. Oh, so very empty; unhappy, life’s a mess, so unhappy.

Where’s Jesus? He’s at church, in our prayers. Put Him in your heart. Carry Him with you. You are His. He is yours. Take Jesus with you wherever you go. Expect a miracle.

Jesus, the Lord is with you. Sun is shining, days are great. Happiness is there. Shout with joy. Sorrow has ended and emptiness is gone. Oh my Jesus, so beautiful. Life is my journey to heaven with Jesus for eternity.

Jesus Christ is the Alpha & Omega, the Anointed One, Christ Jesus My Lord, the Bridegroom, Bread of Life, the Deliverer, Our Counselor, Resurrected Christ, God of the whole earth, Our Hope, Lamb of God, Eternal Life, our intercessor to the Father, our life, Light of the World, Physician, Spiritual Rock, Root of David, Son of Joseph, Son of Mary, friend of publicans and sinners, Head of the Body-the Church, and the Lamb that was slain so that we can have eternal life.

Life without Jesus is nothing. Praise God, hallelujah, Jesus lives with us in our hearts. He is the Living Christ!

Tom DiVita
January 20, 2000