Tom’s Psalm

Father God,

You are most worthy of praise God, we give all glory to you; your Word is true, your love is real, you watch over us. You gave us our choice to follow you or not. Our faith is strong, we shall do no wrong.

In this life we have our problems. We must be on our guard against the evil one, the spirits of this world who taunt us to go down his path; to win us over with all sorts of distractions. So we trust in ourselves with all our wealth, riches, and material things we have to make us feel good and happy. We come up short. There is an emptiness, a void, we don’t have it, we are fooling ourselves. Happiness, the peace we are searching for; the emptiness is still there. The devil is after God’s people.

Awake, oh empty mind. Our God is here! His Word, His covenant with us will strengthen us. God will fill the void. To do it our way, we die forever. To accept God’s offer, and His Son Jesus as our covenant, brings life. He is the Risen Christ and His Holy Spirit will give us everlasting Life, Joy, Peace, and Happiness here on earth and for eternity.

Tom’s Psalm
November 11, 1999